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    Using a Technology Acceptance Model to Analyze Faculty Adoption and Application of Open Educational Resources
    ( 2021) Tillinghast, Beth
    This research reports on a mixed methods study querying faculty who have already adopted Open Educational Resources (OER) and who might be exploring OER-enabled pedagogy (OP) in their instructional practices. Insights gained from this research fill a gap in the literature and provide a deeper understanding of the context for adopting OER, thus providing guidance and information for institutional policy and program development in support of OER implementation. In 2018, over 250 faculty responded to an online survey that queried faculty on various motivating factors for both the adoption of OER and the use of OP. Using the Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology as a design framework, this research expanded on the framework to examine motivating factors through the lens of six main constructs: 1) how individuals believed that OER have helped them perform in their job (performance expectancy), 2) the degree of ease or difficulty associated with using OER in their instruction (effort expectancy), 3) the degree to which faculty perceived if others thought it was important that they use OER (social influence), 4) the extent to which the faculty perceived that the technical and organizational infrastructure to adopt OER were available (facilitating conditions), 5) individual attitudes about the use of OER and OP (attitudes), and 6) what individuals felt they could do with the technology skills they had acquired (technology self-efficacy). Findings indicate that supporting students is one of the main motivating factors spurring faculty to adopt OER and OP. In addition, both personal and professional growth as well as networking through engaging in open education is also important. Findings also indicate the need for careful planning before introducing OP approaches. These findings have implications for future OER and OP development.
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    Developing an Open Educational Resource and Exploring OER-Enabled Pedagogy in Higher Education
    (The International Academic Forum, 2020-07-16) Tillinghast, Beth
    There is a growing trend in higher education to explore the various benefits of Open Educational Resources. This applies not only to the cost benefits, but also to potential pedagogical benefits as well. This study explores the process of developing and implementing an Open Educational Resource for an undergraduate course and experimenting with OER-enabled pedagogy. Interview data provide an account of this process, outlining challenges and highlighting insights, which might prove useful for other professionals contemplating the move toward developing Open Educational Resources. Interview data are also organized using the Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology constructs pertaining to attitude, performance expectancy, effort expectancy, social influence, technology self-efficacy, and facilitating conditions. A qualitative interpretive approach was then used to analyze the data. Analysis indicates that most of the constructs can strongly influence faculty to adopt Open Educational Resources but that “social influence” has no effect on adoption. Findings also include reflections on OER-enabled pedagogy as it was applied in the course. These findings indicate that OER-enabled pedagogy has the potential for increasing student engagement, though this potential has not yet been realized. Finally, findings provide an outline of recommendations that might guide others when considering developing and implementing Open Educational Resources.
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    Open Educational Resources: From Exploration to Application
    ( 2020) Tillinghast, Beth Helene ; Sorensen-Irvine, Christine ; Learning Design and Technology
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    Exploring Aspects of Open Educational Resources Through OER-enabled Pedagogy
    (Frontiers, 2020) Tillinghast, Beth ; Fialkowski, Marie, K. ; Draper, Jennifer
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    Spring 2017 - University of Hawaii at Manoa Student Textbook Survey
    ( 2017-03-14) Tillinghast, Beth
    This survey was designed to provide data that would help to create a profile of student behavior at the University of Hawaii at Manoa with regards to the impact of traditional textbook costs on student progress through their higher education schooling.
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    OER & University of Hawaii Assessment Survey
    ( 2015-05-18) Tillinghast, Beth
    Beginning in the spring of 2014, the University of Hawaii (UH) Outreach College and the Information Technology Services joined efforts to promote the use, selection, and creation of OER across the UH System. Because the use of OER is still in the early stages, the University of Hawaii Open Educational Resources Team felt it was important to learn how and why instructional faculty and staff across the UH System wanted to interact with OER. A survey was created and distributed during the spring of 2015. These are the results.
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    Enhancing Workflow and Visibility for Collections in the UHM Institutional Repository: Improving Discovery and Use of Your Digital Repository Materials – OCLC Digital Collection Gateway Webinar Presentation
    ( 2012-05-02) Tillinghast, Beth
    Learn how the University of Hawaii is organizing their digital library and increasing its visibility, by incorporating the newest features of the WorldCat Digital Collection Gateway into their workflow. Beth Tillinghast, UHM Institutional Repository manager, will discuss current issues and approaches in enhancing workflow and visibility for various collections in the repositories. Martha Chantiny, Head of Desktop Network Services in the UHM Library, will share the current status of University of Hawaii at Manoa Library image collections, which are posted to the web using the OAI harvestable Streetprint Digital Library. Daniel Ishimitsu, Information Technology Specialist for UHM Library, will talk about the thumbnail mapping project that he worked on to allow DSpace managers to map thumbnails for repository materials for display in OAIster
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    University of Hawaii at Manoa Undergraduate Library Technology Survey
    ( 2010-04-14T20:46:26Z) Tillinghast, Beth
    The UHM Undergraduate Library Technology Survey was one of two student needs assessments (the other targeted graduate students) conducted in the fall semester of 2009. The goal of both of the needs assessment was to help understand better what tools students use for their research and in what kind of place they want to do their research.
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    ScholarSpace and Scholarly Communication: A Needs Assessment Survey Instrument
    ( 2008-11) Tillinghast, Beth
    This is the survey instrument used for a November, 2008 needs assessment. The survey was to assess the needs for University of Hawaii at Manoa faculty, researchers and graduate students use for an institutional repository and to survey their attitudes about issues in scholarly communcication.
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    Policy Guidelines for ScholarSpace, the UHM Institutional Repository
    ( 2007-06) Tillinghast, Beth
    Guidelines outlining the functioning of ScholarSpace, the institutional repository at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. These guidelines were adapted with permission from MIT policies.