Volume 24, No. 1 – 1982 : Hawaiian Entomological Society

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    The "Forcipomyia ingrami" Complex in Hawaii (Diptera: Ceratopogonidae)
    (Hawaiian Entomological Society, 1982) Wirth, Willis W. ; Howarth, Francis G.
    Biting midges of the genus Forcipomyia are some of the most important pollinators of cacao and other tropical crop plants. A study of the species known as F. ingrami revealed that it has been misidentified, and that the African species formerly known as ingrami, now psilonota, does not occur in Hawaii. Instead there are at least four other species: palikuensis Hardy, a large, shining blackish species from Hawaii and East Maui; kaneohe n. sp., a small shining species from Oahu; pholeter n. sp., a small pale species living in lava tube caves on Hawaii; and hardyi n. sp., a dull brownish species which is extremely common on all the islands; all probably endemic to the Hawaiian Islands. The immature stages of these midges, which breed in wet, decaying vegetation, leaf axils, and aquatic vegetation, have excellent characters diagnostic for species. Characters are illustrated and discussed showing how these species may be distinguished from their closely related congeners from the Pacific, Asia, and Africa. Forcipomyia clara Chan and LeRoux from Singapore is a junior synonym of F. sauteri Kieffer (N. SYNONYMY).
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    Some Sexually Dimorphic Characters in the Mediterranean Fruit Fly Ceratitis capitata (Wiedemann) and their Variations
    (Hawaiian Entomological Society, 1982) Saul, Stephen H.
    Sexually dimorphic traits in the Mediterranean fruit fly Ceratitis capitata are described. The significance of these sexual differences to genetical and behavioral research is discussed.
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    Introductions for Biological Control in Hawaii: 1979 and 1980
    (Hawaiian Entomological Society, 1982) Lai, P.Y. ; Funasaki, G.Y. ; Higa, S.Y.
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    Food Preference of Seven Stored Product Insects to Dried Processed Taro Products
    (Hawaiian Entomological Society, 1982) Jang, E.B. ; Lin, C.S. ; Mitchell, W.C.
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    Survey of Beneficial Insects in Undisturbed Cattle Droppings on Oahu, Hawaii
    (Hawaiian Entomological Society, 1982) Harris, R.L. ; Onaga, K. ; Blume, R.R. ; Roth, J.P. ; Summerlin, J.W.
    Insects were collected from cattle droppings at 2 locations on Oahu, Hawaii; one on the wet east side (Kualoa) and one on the dry northwest side (Poamoho). From these areas, 7 species of Scarabaeidae were collected. The most numerous species were Onthophagus gazalla F., Onthophagus sagittarius (L.), and Aphodius lividus (Oliver). Four species of Hydrophilidae were collected of which Cercyon quisquilius (L.) was the most numerous. Of the predator beetles, 9 species of Staphylinidae [Oxytelus sp., Philonthus (probably longicornis Steph.), Philonthus rectangulus Shp., Philonthus discoideus Grav., Philonthus sp., Platystethus sp., Lithocharis sp., Eulissus sp., and Xantholininae gen. sp.] and 2 Histeridae [Pachylister caffer (Erich.) and Hister nomus Erich. J were collected; all low in numbers except the Oxytelus species. Dipterous larvae, in 6 families and other unidentified families, were collected. In general, beetles were more abundant at Poamoho than at Kualoa and dipterous larvae were more abundant at Kualoa.
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    The Genus Schistopterum Becker (Schistopterinae: Tephritidae: Diptera)
    (Hawaiian Entomological Society, 1982) Hardy, D. Elmo
    The genus Schistopterum is discussed and the known species keyed. S. ismayi n. sp. is described and figured. This is the first record of the genus outside Africa and southern Europe.
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    A New Species of Hemicheyletia (Acari: Cheyletidae) from Kure Atoll, Northwestern Hawaiian Islands
    (Hawaiian Entomological Society, 1982) Goff, M Lee
    Hemicheyletia kureatollensis is described as new from leaf litter and soil collected on Kure Atoll, Northern Hawaiian Islands.
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    Hylaeus pubescens and Associated Arthropods at Kilauea, Hawaii Volcanoes National Park (Hymenoptera: Apoidea and Chalcidoidea; Mesostigmata: Ameroseiidae)
    (Hawaiian Entomological Society, 1982) Daly, Howell V. ; Coville, Rollin E.
    The nest and larva of the endemic bee Hylaeus pubescens are described. Nests are constructed during the winter and spring months. The larva is the first of the subgenus Nesoprosopis to be described. The mite Afrocypholaelaps africana is phoretic on the bee and recorded for the first time in Hawaii. Taxonomic notes and mating behavior are given for the encyrtid parasitoids Coelopencyrtus kaalae and C. sexramosus.
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    Insects, Poisons, and Medicine: the Other One Percent
    (Hawaiian Entomological Society, 1982) Chang, Franklin