Proceedings: Conference on Mango in Hawaii

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    Government Assistance in Marketing and Promoting Hawaii's Agricultural Products
    (University of Hawaii, 1993-04) Leister, Janet
    The role of the Hawaii Department of Agriculture's Market Development Branch in assisting agricultural producers is described.
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    Marketing Mangos in Hawaii
    (University of Hawaii, 1993-04) Yamauchi, Ronald
    The proprietor of a small produce wholesaling business in Honolulu describes experience with mangoes.
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    Hawaii Grading Standards for Mangos
    (University of Hawaii, 1993-04) Camp, Samuel ; Palalay, Isabelo
    The general administrative procedures of the Hawaii Department of Agriculture's Commodities Branch regarding establishment of grades and standards are described. An "unofficial" summary of the Hawaii standards for mango and the Draft Worldwide CODEX Standard are included.
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    Market Statistics for Mango
    (University of Hawaii, 1993-04) Nakamoto, Stuart
    Market statistics for Hawaii, the United States, and some foreign markets are presented.
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    The Mango Industry in the Americas
    (University of Hawaii, 1993-04) Davenport, Tom
    Commercial mango production in Florida, Mexico, and Central America is discussed.
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    Growing Mangos in Hawaii: A Small Grower's Perspective
    (University of Hawaii, 1993-04) Yee, Warren
    The proprietor of an orchard in Waianae on the island of Oahu describes his experience, primarily with the cultivar Keitt.
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    Growing Mangos in Hawaii: A Commercial Grower's Perspective
    (University of Hawaii, 1993-04) Kai, Steve
    An effort by C. Brewer and Company to establish a mango orchard near Pahala on the island of Hawaii is described.
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    A Molecular Marker System for Determining Mango Leaf Age
    (University of Hawaii, 1993-04) Sun, Samuel S.M. ; Zhou, Xiaohui ; Godfrey, Lynn ; Liang, Tung
    A molecular marking system for mango leaf proteins was described. It was hoped that knowing leaf age would help determine appropriate times for use of flowering stimulation techniques.
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    Engineering a Hydroponic System for Growing Mango Trees
    (University of Hawaii, 1993-04) Liang, T. ; Paquin, D. ; Wang, K. ; Khan, M Akram
    Mango trees were grown hydroponically in barrels for over three years. Attempts to determine optimal fertilizer levels or find an acceptable way to prune and shape the trees did not succeed.
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    Postharvest Physiology of Mango Fruit
    (University of Hawaii, 1993-04) Paull, Robert E.
    Mango postharvest characteristics as described in the world literature were reviewed. Work in Hawaii on the postharvest life of mangoes had been limited by lack of sufficient quantity of a selected variety, as there is varietal variation in susceptibility to postharvest disorders. It was suggested that a choice of one, two, or three varieties for commercial purposes was critical to development of a Hawaii mango industry.