Platform Ecosystems in Production and Logistics: Technologies, Business Models, and Data-Driven Artifacts

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    Introduction to the Minitrack on Platform Ecosystems in Production and Logistics: Technologies, Business Models, and Data-Driven Artifacts
    ( 2023-01-03) Van Der Valk, Hendrik ; Culotta, Carina ; Schmidt, Michael ; Duparc, Estelle
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    Touching Space: Distributed Ledger Technology for Tracking and Tracing Certificates
    ( 2023-01-03) Moriggl, Pascal ; Asprion, Petra ; Schneider, Bettina ; Scherb, Christopher
    Components built into space vehicles and equipment (space products) must meet different regulatory requirements; in detail, each component must be certified and sustainably traceable at all times. Space engineers have expressed the need for an interoperable system to collect, manage and route certifications for components, parts and materials that go into space products. The lack of a unified approach in the European space industry is a challenge for companies involved in product development. This research proposes an open-source, secure, fast and distributed ledger technology (DLT) based solution that fits into any IT environment and is well adapted to the needs of manufacturing companies in the space sector. The results show that a blockchain-based solution based on 'Hyperledger Fabric' combined with the InterPlanetary File System is viable. The results can guide other researchers and practitioners to consider DLTs when changing their certification management paradigm with suppliers, customers and auditors.
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    Federal Platform Ecosystems to Counter Monopolists: A Value-Based Vision for the Logistics Industry
    ( 2023-01-03) Rotgang, Alex ; Duparc, Estelle ; Steffen, Barbara ; Hövel, Steffen ; Mayer, Julia ; Stodolka, Wibke
    Today, we observe the platformization of many industries. Although most platforms fail, a few monopolists have the potential to completely transform industries and their competitive dynamics. In contrast to this, European values, e.g., democracy and freedom, aim to protect today’s variety of companies and offers. This paper’s goal is to protect European values and companies’ competitiveness against potential monopolists. We suggest founding and governing federal platform ecosystems following the “swarm intelligence” principle where many small(er) organizations collaboratively fight off monopolists. While this is currently still a new and untested concept, we selected a use case to make it more tangible and adaptable. The government-funded project aims at a vision for the Logistics Broker (LB) – which is envisioned to become the center-piece of the German logistics industry’s federal platform ecosystem. To analyze the context, role, and stakeholders we conducted a workshop study and propose an agenda for future research.