Agronomy and Soils, 1997 - 1997

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    Predicting Phosphorus Requirements of Some Hawaii Soils
    (University of Hawaii, 1997-11) Hue, N.V. ; Ikawa, H. ; Huang, X.
    Graphs allow estimation of available phosphorus in some Hawaii soils representative of different P-fixation types. Levels of P in plant tissues associated with near-maximum yields are given for some common crops.
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    Liming Acid Soils of Hawaii
    (University of Hawaii, 1997-11) Hue, N.V. ; Ikawa, H.
    Raising low soil pH to above 6 is considered beneficial for most crops. Graphs show the rise in pH of 22 Hawaii soils given incremental levels of calcium carbonate (lime).
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    Adequate Nutrient Levels in Soils and Plants in Hawaii
    (University of Hawaii, 1997-11) Tamimi, Y.N. ; Silva, J.A. ; Yost, R.S. ; Hue, N.V.
    Soil analysis levels considered adequate for three broad soil bulk density categories are given, along with "sufficiency" nutrient levels in the tissues of 12 common crops (vegetable, fruit, forage, and turf).