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    Human to Human Design
    ( 2011-05-17) Chhetri, Rashmi ; Quiroga, Dr. Luz. M.
    The report presents an idea of experience design in website development and how it is measured. The user experience on a website is a major part of creating a human to human design.
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    Usability Test of HSPLS website
    ( 2011-05-17) Chhetri, Rashmi ; Quiroga, Dr. Luz.M.
    This report highlights the procedures conducted to perform a standard usability test on the Hawaii State Public Library website. The Usability testing was used to find how easy the website was to use and find information that users needed.
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    ICS 616 - Information Architecture and Web Design, Spring 2011 - Special Topic: Joomla
    ( 2011-05-17) Higuchi, Guy ; Quiroga, Luz M
    Joomla is a free, open-source content management system that makes creating and maintaining a website easy. It does this through establishing a system that stores any data uploaded to it -- be it text, photos, music, video, or anything else -- and allows a developer to create a website template using this data to create a fully-featured website. It provides all of the essential and helpful tools that a developer may need for designing a website, such as automatic breadcrumbs, template management, and pre-formatted user profile registration, while providing support for user-created extensions to provide additional functionality. Since its inception, it has become one of the most popular content management systems currently in use.
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    Personal Information Management
    ( 2011-05-13) Connell, Andrea ; Quiroga, Luz
    Personal information management (PIM) involves storing, managing, and refinding resources. As individual users approach these steps, they encounter problems like information overload, information fragmentation, organization and labeling, and the personal nature of information. This paper gives a brief overview of these challenges and examples of tools that aim to solve them.
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    Cognitive Sciences in Information Architecture
    ( 2011-05-12) Ung, Baohuy ; Quiroga, Luz M
    Cognitive science is an ambiguous subject. It is the amalgamation of different fields that span a large variety of disciplines, e.g. psychology, AI, neuroscience, philosophy, human-computer interaction. At its core, it is essentially the study of the human mind. Each field explores the mysteries of the human mind from their own perspective. This paper presents a look at some theories of research that have a strong corollary to information architecture. The ties between the theories and their applications in information architecture may be subjective, but there is no denying that some phenomena of the brain are an integral part of our everyday lives.