Pacific Science Volume 43, Number 4, 1989

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Pacific Science is a quarterly publication devoted to the biological and physical sciences of the Pacific Region.


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    43: Index - Pacific Science
    (University of Hawaii Press, 1989)
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    43:4 Table of Contents - Pacific Science
    (University of Hawaii Press, 1989-10)
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    Simulation of Organic Chemical Movement in Hawaii Soils with PRZM: 2. Predicting Deep Penetration of DBCP, EDB, and TCP
    (University of Hawaii Press, 1989-10) Loague, Keith ; Giambelluca, Thomas W. ; Green, Richard E. ; Liu, Clark C.K. ; Liang, Tony C. ; Oki, Delwyn S.
    PRZM was employed to simulate deep leaching of three fumigant chemicals beneath a central Oahu pineapple field. Our results suggest that PRZM, although not deployed here within the range of conditions for which the model was developed, can be a useful tool for making pesticide leaching assessments in Hawaii.
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    Phyllosoma Larvae and the Ocean Currents off the Hawaiian Islands
    (University of Hawaii Press, 1989-10) Phillips, B.F. ; McWilliam, P.S.
    A total of 73 phyllosoma larvae of slipper or spiny lobster species and one nisto stage were collected about 20 km off the southwest coast of Oahu between August 1977 and October 1978. Larvae of Arctides regalis, Scyllarus aurora, Scyllarides squammosus, Panulirus marginatus, and Panulirus penicillatus, all found as adults in the Hawaiian Islands, were present in the samples. In addition, larvae of Scyllarus demani and another species tentatively identified as Panulirus longipes femoristriga, not recorded as adults in the Hawaiian Islands, were present. The unidentified nisto, possibly of the Hawaiian slipper lobster, Scyllarus aurora, is described and illustrated.
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    Species of Dasyaceae (Rhodophyta) from Hawaii
    (University of Hawaii Press, 1989-10) Schlech, Kristen E. ; Abbott, Isabella A.
    Eight species of Dasyaceae (Ceramiales, Rhodophyta) are reported from the Hawaiian Islands, extending the geographic range for six of the species into the central North Pacific. The species are Heterosiphonia crispella, Eupogodon anastomosans, Eupogodon iridescens, Eupogodon pilosus, Dasya baillouviana, Dasya collinsiana, Dasya corymbtfera, and Dasya iyengarii. Heterosiphonia crispella (as H. wurdemannii var. laxa) and D. baillouviana were previously listed from Hawaii.
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