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Dr. Alan Howard first visited Rotuma in 1959 to conduct field work. Dr. Jan Rensel first visited Rotuma in 1987. This digital archive is a subset of material contained in the physical Rotuma Archive, which is housed at the University of Hawaii-Manoa Library's Pacific Collection. Some materials in the physical collection have not been made available online, owing either to copyright or privacy concerns. Additional material of interest is also available online at the Rotuma Website, which Dr. Howard maintains.




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    The Changing Anthropological Enterprise: A Century of Ethnographic Research in Rotuma
    (Honolulu, HI: Alan Howard and Jan Rensel, 2020) Howard, Alan ; Rensel, Jan
    In this paper we review the accounts of seven individuals who have provided what we consider to be ethnographic accounts of Rotuma beginning in the 1890s through the twentieth century. We aim to assess the purposes for their research, the methods that they used, their intended audiences, and the nature of their resulting products. In chronological order by dates of initial research, the researchers are J. Stanley Gardiner, A. M. Hocart, Gordon Macgregor, Elizabeth K. Inia, Alan Howard and Jan Rensel, and Vilsoni Hereniko. The backgrounds of these individuals are also considered, including their ethnicity and prior education. As two of them, Elizabeth K. Inia and Vilsoni Hereniko, are Rotumans, we pay especial attention to detectable differences between insider and outsider accounts.
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    Rotuman Life Experiences 1890–1960
    (Honolulu, HI: Alan Howard and Jan Rensel, 2020) Howard, Alan ; Rensel, Jan
    This book is based on a compilation of 70 life stories collected on Rotuma in 1960. It is divided into two volumes. Volume 1 consists of the life stories arranged by age and gender, ranging from the oldest people then in their 70s to the youngest ones in their 20s. Volume 2 consists of an analysis of the various life stages, ranging from childhood to old age. It draws on the life stories with additional material from our research to provide historical and ethnographic background for each chapter. We have written the book primarily for the younger generation of Rotumans in order to convey a better idea of what life was like for earlier generations on the island.
Unless otherwise noted, all rights to material housed in this online collection belong to Alan Howard and Jan Rensel, until such time as they are transferred to the UH-Manoa Library's Pacific Collection.