Game System Design and the Digital Economy

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    An Educational Adventure Game for Teaching Information Literacy and Student Engagement
    ( 2018-01-03) Kwak, Myungjae ; Koohang, Alex ; Floyd, Kevin ; Choi, Anthony
    The focus of games has broadened beyond entertainment purposes to serve as a vital tool in other areas including education, business, and health. In this paper, a 2D educational adventure game is presented and evaluated. The purpose of the game is to teach college students several important aspects of information literacy. Students are expected to become comfortable with various concepts of information literacy such as keyword searches, identifying sources, and proper reference citing. To better engage students, the game progresses around an interesting adventure story and uses seven mini games designed to teach basic information literacy concepts. The evaluation results show a very promising future for the game.
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    Heads or Tails? Network Effects on Game Purchase Behavior in The Long Tail Market
    ( 2018-01-03) Kanat, Irfan ; Raghu, T. S. ; Vinze, Ajay
    This study aims to uncover the effects of network effects, namely the social influence and network externalities, on purchasing of digital goods. We are particularly interested in the differences in network effects in long tail versus the head of the market. We used a novel dataset from an online game distribution platform covering 1975 games and 8000 users in this study. The results reveal that network effects are more pronounced for the tail of the market in comparison to the head of the market. For the games that are in the head of the market the popularity may be more significantly influenced by factors unobserved in this study (such as advertising budget) yet the games in the tail benefited greatly from any change to the network effects. The exception was social games. The games that relied on user to user engagement did not fare well in the tail of the market. This study contributes to the literature on network effects and long tail market literature by highlighting the differential effects in different segments of the market.
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    Introduction to the Minitrack on Game System Design and the Digital Economy
    ( 2018-01-03) Monu, Kafui ; Boughzala, Imed ; Zhang, Xi