Hawaiʻi Review, 1977

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    Hawaiʻi Review, Number 7
    (Honolulu, University of Hawaii, 1977) University of Hawai'i at Mānoa
    Editor: Kissick, Gary. Managing Editor: Kanemoto, Gayle. Fiction Editor: Povich, Anita. Fiction Reader: Moriarity, Jerry. Poetry Editors: Shinoda, Elizabeth, and Chock, Eric. Staff: Burgess, Puanani, Manabe, Jody, Miyasato, Bill, Plamandon, Terry, Taylor, Terry, and Thomas, Debbie. Advisors: Damon, Phillip, and Friedson, Tony. Spiritual Advisor: Nakamura, Mari. Fiction: Adams, D.L. - "Rabbit's Luck." Shelnutt, Eve - "Feet." Gersaba, George - "Short." Kingston, Maxine Hong - "Understanding Men." Givens, John - "Toad's Eye." Poetry: Cooper, Earl - "Driving Over To The Coast One Night Drunk on Port Wine." Morales, Peter Ruben - "Mrs. Ficher." Yonezaki, Ann - "Poem." Felton, Kristi - "Maple and Kukui." Imamura, Tateo - "Three Poems." Hongo, Garrett Kaoru - "Two Poems." Robbins, Doren - "Separation." Jenkins, Louis - "Six Poems." Barasch, Charles - "Two Poems." Wry, Hilda - "A Matter of Dreams." MacBeth, George - "Two Poems." Conversation with George MacBeth conducted by Friedson, Anthony. About the Authors.