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    A Visual Inquiry Tool for Brand Identity
    ( 2019-01-08) Elikan, Dina ; Pigneur, Yves
    Brand identity is of paramount importance for companies. Owing to the advancement of technology, faster innovation, growing competition, and more demanding consumers, managing a brand is becoming increasingly complex. This is especially true for entrepreneurs in startups and SMEs, who may not have the knowledge and various resources to ensure a clear branding strategy. This paper describes the development, in three steps, of a visual collaboration tool that supports practitioners in SMEs and startups to collaboratively strategize their brand identity in a structured way. This paper reports the creation, demonstration, and a first evaluation of what we have called the Brand Identity Tool.
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    Data Thinking: A Canvas for Data-Driven Ideation Workshops
    ( 2019-01-08) Kronsbein, Tizian ; Mueller, Roland
    New products and services increasingly follow a data-driven strategy, creating the need for designers, product developers, and teams of individuals to develop products and services with data in mind. This paper provides a data-informed ontology for visual collaboration tools. It presents a prototype of a canvas that could be used during data-oriented design thinking workshops. Using action design research, the Data Innovation Board is tested through iterative cycles of building, intervention, and evaluation and the results are analyzed using triangulation. The suggested data-informed ontology and the proposed canvas facilitate the development of data-driven products and services. The canvas helps teams sharpen their perspective on data challenges from the start and presents a more holistic view on data projects.
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    The Idea Arc: Designing a Visual Canvas for Fuzzy Ideas
    ( 2019-01-08) Lecuna, Alejandro ; Thoring, Katja ; Mueller, Roland
    At the fuzzy front end of innovation emerging ideas are often fuzzy as well. This may lead to premature rejection of those early ideas and hence result in missed business opportunities. This paper introduces the Idea Arc—a canvas-based innovation tool that facilitates team-based discussions, elaboration and refinement of an idea, identification of missing parts, detection and correction of inconsistencies, finding fit between elements, and preparation for prototyping. We developed the canvas based on expert interviews and tested it in two workshops. As a result, this paper contributes to the existing research on the fuzzy front end of innovation and also informs the emerging research on visual innovation tools.
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    Transforming Haptic Storyboards into Diagrammatic Models: The Scene2Model Tool
    ( 2019-01-08) Miron, Elena-Teodora ; Muck, Christian ; Karagiannis, Dimitris
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    Introduction to the Minitrack on Developing Visual Collaborative Tools
    ( 2019-01-08) Missonier, Stephanie ; Lyytinen, Kalle ; Pigneur, Yves