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    It's a M.A.D. World
    (University of Hawaii at Manoa, 2015-11-20) Tanaka, Sharon A.
    As the objective of any research is to increase knowledge of any particular subject, the experiments on LSD are to be concerned with the badly needed data. The claims of experimenters have ranged from "cure" of alcoholics to autistic and schizophrenic children--however unsubstantiated—must be subject to close scrutiny and comprehensive tests. Fantastic as some of the claims have been made, the primary or obvious changes, may quite often easily mask the secondary or underlying physiological and mental changes that can often be fatal. Physiological or medical tests can uncover only so much; psychological tests as the MMPI and observations, for the subjectsʻ sakes, uncover the rest, if possible. The alternative to drug use of LSD and other possibly potent drugs in therapy would sensibly be some non-chemical means as hypnosis, play therapy, psychoanalysis, etc. Drugs are not the panacea of which man so vainly seeks, rather it has become a crutch, a means for exaltation and disquiet. The premature uses of LSD as a therapeutic tool leaves much to be desired--the hopes that it will precipitate the road to cure may very well backfire. The use of safer though "slower” methods, possibly in combination, may bring about the same desired results and at the same time leave less room for unwarranted anxiety.
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    Excerpts From August Strindbergʻs Historical Miniatures
    (University of Hawaii at Manoa, 2015-11-20) Mattison, David ; Scherer, William F. ; Huntsberry, William E.
    Throughout the Historical Miniatures, Strindberg has cleverly woven themes and motifs which express his personal view of human history. This view, summarized by Harry Palmblad, is that human history proceeds in a series of cycles and that its development is gradual, cumulative, and continuing. Nothing can come into existence on its own, not even Christ's truths, as Pope Sylvester II in "The Thousand-Year Empire" explains to young Emperor otto III by quoting from St. Augustine. 'The thing we now call Christianity was already there amidst the Ancients ...Christ·s truths don't deviate from the old, are rather the same, only more completely developed.' Strindberg had applied Darwin's theory of the evolution of species to history and religion.
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    The Emotional Care Of Terminally Ill Children
    (University of Hawaii at Manoa, 2015-11-20) King, Rosita V. ; Robiliard, A.
    The purpose of this study is to examine attitudes and opinions about death, terminally ill children, their families, and the health care system. The study attempts to identify and understand the differences of attitudes and opinions between the general population and those in the health profession. Further, the research analyzes relatlonships between these atitudes and opinions and four personal factors. The factors to be evaluated are age, gender, the experience of knowing smeone who has died and being a health professional. The identificatlon of these opinions and relationships aids in the formation of a plan to care for terminally ill children. Additionally, analysiss of the information gathered in this study may be ot assistance to those who are exposed to death and dying.
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    Research On Producing A Compact Disk Interactive Title (CDI) And Computer Graphics File Formats
    (University of Hawaii at Manoa, 2015-11-20) Keylock, Linda
    It was my original intention to produce and submit a Computer Disk Interactive (CDI) title as a creative project rather than to submit a written paper for my Honors Thesis. I did not expect to complete the title, in fact, I hoped only to complete the navigation of a single word. However, at this point, the CDI is not quite completed, so I am submitting for your review, a video and research notes that chart the progress of the CDI title. In addition, I am submitting a list I compiled of "questions and answers" along with a list of my learning objectives and I list of what I actually learned. This information will be valuable to anyone attempting to master the process of learning CDI authoring. Next, I am submitting notes that I compiled, from various printed sources and from my personal experience, on graphic file formats. To supplement this information, I have included information about graphic file conversion programs which I found on the internet, then edited and arranged. Basically, my intention is to present this information in an easy to read list for the use of graphic designers rather than computer "hackers". Therefore, I have researched and compiled a glossary list to explain and expand most file extender acronyms. From this list, it is then possible to cross reference with the list of acronyms following each converter program to see which one is right for one's needs.
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    Image Advertising And The Modern Consumer
    (University of Hawaii at Manoa, 2015-11-20) Hawthorne, Richard
    It can be argued, when looking at these advertisements, whether there is an actual product for sale or if it is the image that is for sale. The latter argument has been used to criticize advertisers for many years. Many groups have accused advertisers of misleading consumers by making promises that they could not possibly keep. But, are the advertisers really trying to sell us an image, and if they are is there anything wrong with that? This is the focus behind my thesis. What is the point behind the use of image in advertising? Is American Express trying to tell me that if I carry an American Express Card I will be just like Rob Reiner or Wayne Gretzky (a promise that surely cannot be kept), or are they merely trying to identify with those people who may share similar beliefs and attitudes of the celebrities that American Express uses in their, advertisements?
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    A Study of the Educational Problems in Sarawak Since Brooke Regime
    (University of Hawaii at Manoa, 2015-11-20) Hanifah, Yusoff Bin Haji ; Harrison, Robert
    My cultural background and my direct involvement as a pupil and as an official in the education system of Sarawak are sources of my interest in the problems of education since the days of the “White Rajahs". Educational problems are numerous, especially in a developing country like Sarawak. But the major theme of this thesis will center around the very obvious exasperating situations which are overburdening the Education System of my country at the present time.
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    A Survey of Attitudes of Northern Marianas Educational Personnel Towards the Effectiveness of the Various Types of Post-Secondary Training Available to Them: Survey-Based Recommendations for Future Training
    (University of Hawaii at Manoa, 2015-11-20) Guerrero, Brigida DeLeon ; Plaister, Ted
    As the preceding section makes very clear, the proportion of Chamorro or Carolinian educational personnel in the CNMI who have completed post-secondary college degrees (Associate or Baccalaureate) is very small. To remedy this, and thus improve the quality of education for the islands' children, the CNMI Board of Education has instituted a policy that by Fall, 1983, all CNMI teachers must be "certified”. Despite these attempts of the CNMI Board of Education to make the 1983 date for universal certification easier for teachers to achieve, the possibility of antagonism toward such a policy remains. Teachers could easily perceive such a policy simply as a threat to their position.
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    Beach Access In Hawaii: From Private Exclusion To Public Domain
    (University of Hawaii at Manoa, 2015-11-20) Grace, Jean R.M.
    Having done the initial research and editing of the Bays and Harbors Voiume, Marine Atlas of Hawaii, I am submitting this 1974 publication as part of this honors thesis. This atlas, published by the Sea Grant Program of the University of Hawaii, is a compilation of historical; geographical; and quantitative materials gathered from various sources. It includes a fairly thorough physical description of all the shorelines of all the islands in the Hawaiian Archipelago, with specific bays and harbors detailed and mapped. This paper attempts to deal with another aspect of the coastlines: the beaches and access to them, focusing on one particular area. Lanikai Beach, on the windward side of Oahu,is used as a focal point because the history of public acquisition of certain easements there has become a classic example in the files of coastal zone planners and the Honolulu City and County Parks Department.
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    National Prohibition: A Problem in the Legislation of Morals
    (University of Hawaii at Manoa, 2015-11-20) Furutani, Evelyn T.
    The purpose of this paper is to deteratae. by examination of an historical example -- National Prohibition – some of the factors contributing to the efficacy of moral legislation. Some attempts to alter moral standards in a society have failed -- Prohibition, for example – and are dismissed with the glib assertioa that "you canʻt legislate Morals." It is not valid, however, to infer from the example of Prohibition that all attempts to alter morality through legislation are destined to fail.