Emerging Issues in Distributed Group Decision-Making: Opportunities and Challenges

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    The Change in Communication Patterns in Teams Implementing Lean
    ( 2018-01-03) Colazo, Jorge
    Team dynamics in companies implementing the Lean production paradigm are not clearly understood, and overlooked as success factors for the implementation of such systems. In this paper it is argued that the parameters describing communication networks change dramatically as a number of teams embark on a Lean transformation. This exploratory paper presents data from multiple sites that show that indeed, business units succeeding in their implementation of Lean undergo a drastic transformation in their teams' communication patterns, and this change is more pronounced in more successful cases. Conclusions from the exploratory phase of the study suggest that in order to support successful implementations of Lean, management need to facilitate the changes in team network dynamics that are associated with rapid evolution towards a Lean enterprise.
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    Exploring the Nuances of 'Wickedness' in Information Systems Development
    ( 2018-01-03) McCarthy, Stephen ; O’Raghallaigh, Paidi ; Fitzgerald, Ciara ; Adam, Frédéric
    Information Systems Development (ISD) practice is an inherently challenging undertaking, as exemplified by the high rate of ISD project failures. The scale of the challenge is often heightened in distributed environments where ISD practitioners can face considerable complexity, uncertainty, and contention. The concept of -˜wickedness’ epitomizes such challenges. However, ISD literature has yet to fully explore the nuances of wickedness found in ISD practices within distributed environments. To address this gap, we use a theoretical framework to analyze case study findings from an interdisciplinary connected health project. In particular, we break open the social aspects of wickedness and explore their impact on shared understanding and shared commitment in ISD projects. The paper highlights the implications that these nuances have for group decision-making in distributed ISD project teams.
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    Software Support for Skeleton Recognition and Monitoring People with Privacy
    ( 2018-01-03) Nitta, Yoshihisa ; Murayama, Yuko
    In this research, we have developed an open source software tool which makes it easy for a user to get skeleton information of people in a live image by use of Kinect for Windows V2. Our tool is a set of library software which provides users with easy coding to get body information and face recognition. The tool has been distributed widely and used by several users already for their research work such as robotics. In this paper, we propose possible use cases such as a remote monitor system for elderly care with privacy as well as a monitor system for shelters at disaster.
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