Securing Knowledge, Innovation, and Entrepreneurial Systems and Managing Knowledge Risks

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    Extending the Cyber Capabilities of Small to Midsize Businesses
    ( 2023-01-03) Croasdell, Dave ; Lathrop, Logan ; Elste, James
    This project explores disparities in the cybersecurity practices of small to midsize businesses in comparison to larger organizations with more resources to allocate to cybersecurity. While the adoption of technical solutions offers many advantages, SMBs are struggling to maintain good cybersecurity practices in this era of digital transformation. Considering the overall security climate it is clear that SMBs are vulnerable to cyber threats, are being attacked more often and lack the proper resources or knowledge to effectively address threats. This paper proposes a model for SMBs to enhance their cyber capabilities with cybersecurity assessments and regular training provided by the National Guard’s Defensive Cyber Operations Element (DCO-E). Leveraging the capabilities of the DCO-E, in effect a “national cybersecurity squad,” to support a national cyber readiness and education campaign could be an effective method to enhance the cybersecurity of SMBs. The proposed model is supported with a initial survey results showing a promising willingness and support from SMBs.