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    Navigating an Interdisciplinary Approach to Cybercrime Research
    ( 2023-01-03) Giddens, Laurie ; Petter, Stacie ; Bichler, Gisela ; Rivas, Pablo ; Fullilove, Michael H. ; Cerny, Tomas
    The internet has created new markets and enabled alternative business models for criminal activity, such as human trafficking. Consequently, research is needed to understand the complexity, occurrence, and impact of internet-enabled crime on victims and society. Many scholars have called for interdisciplinary approaches to study and develop interventions to address a broad range of cybercrimes, but this call is challenging to implement. Therefore, we provide a confessional account of our experience associated with developing an interdisciplinary research team and conducting research related to a specific form of cybercrime, predatory crime involving deceptive or covert solicitations. Our confessional account allows us to reflect on our project and discuss the challenges we have encountered along with a discussion of how we have addressed these challenges. We offer guidance to researchers in various stages of conducting interdisciplinary research based on our experiences with a specific form of cybercrime, internet-enabled crime.
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    Introduction to the Minitrack on Cybercrime
    ( 2023-01-03) Hamari, Juho ; Harviainen, J. Tuomas ; Siuda, Piotr ; Gehl, Robert
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    Drugs for Sale! An Analysis and Estimation of Drug Products on the Cryptomarket Ecosystem
    ( 2023-01-03) Liu, Shu ; Frank, Richard ; Warkentin, Noelle
    Cryptomarkets are marketplaces on the dark web that facilitate the sale of mostly illicit goods and services between vendors and buyers. There were few to no studies that examine the cryptomarket ecosystem using data from multiple cryptomarkets collected at one point in time. This study strives to fill that gap by collecting all product information from eight large or notable cryptomarkets between June 2021 and January 2022 to understand the cryptomarket drug ecosystem, the products available, and identify factors that encourage or discourage vendors from shipping internationally. The eight cryptomarkets annually trafficked an estimated 13.4 tons of drugs for $239.2 million CAD. The characteristics of drug products will be examined to determine whether it influences the vendor’s willingness to ship internationally. Larger quantities and less expensive products were more likely to be shipped internationally. Specifically, products that cost less than $50 were more likely to be able to ship internationally.
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    Exploiting a Contact Tracing App to Attack Neighboring Devices
    ( 2023-01-03) Fitzgerald, Jonah ; Mason, Thomas ; Mulhair, Brian ; Glisson, William
    The recent pandemic fosters an increasing dependency on various forms of digital communications that support social distancing. To mitigate widespread exposure to COVID, the Louisiana Department of Health’s COVID Defense contact tracing application helps users learn about potential exposures to infected individuals. This research investigates the viability of using the Louisiana Department of Health’s COVID Defense application symptoms share feature as an attack vector. The primary contribution of this research is an initial assessment of the effective modification and distribution of packaged JSON files to contain malicious behavior. Secondly, it highlights the effectiveness of this attack through email, WIFI direct, and nearby share.