Hawaiʻi Review, 1983

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    Hawaiʻi Review, Number 14
    (Honolulu, University of Hawaii, 1983) University of Hawai'i at Mānoa
    Editor: Watson, Jennie. Managing Editor: Bair, donna. Fiction Editor: Ball, Lizabeth. Staff: Emery, Victoria, Fuchigami, Brian, Miller, Charles, and Sachdeva, Meena. Contents: Loong, May Sum - "The Dollmaker." Vink, James - "Cana Root," Again Gaugin." McPherson, Michael - "That Was Last Year." Stollman, Aryeh Lev - "Kilauea." Frumkin, Gene - "Toward the Cave of Three Brothers." Morales, Rodney - "The Shadow Warrior." Matsueda, Kathy - "Small Gifts." Ransom, Bill - "The Survivor." Hammond, Karla M. - "Paradox," "Letter for a Brother." Ireland, Thelma - "Post Storm." Kalpakian, Laura - "The Bareroot Season." Goodenough, J.B. - "Reflection." Trietel, Margot - "The Butterfly Hunt," "Sleep in the Tropics." Nagata, Alan. "Da Well." Taniguchi, Chris K. "Chasing the ʻTrane." Sibley, Gay - "Timing." Hannigan, Cheryle - "The Search for Walter Horace." Bowie, Robert - "Daylamps." Pavlich, Walter - "Explanations in the Mirror." Sallis, James - "Conjuring." Glasser, Perry - "Panic." Emery, Victoria - "Haleakala." Nelson, Victoria - "Coming Back." McPherson, Michael - "Malama," King Coral." Kubo, Mari - "The Match." Green, Bob - "The Sojourn," "Human Sacrifice." Martin, Jennifer - "Landscape." Emery, Victoria - "The Snake," Gretaʻs Law." Altizer, Nell - "Ghost Story." Nunes, Shiho S. - "excerpts from Growing Up With Ghosts." Wilson, Rob - "The Need to Speak." Sinclair, Marjorie - "Gardens and Orchards." Contributors.