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    How To Extend the Life of Tropical Flowers
    (University of Hawaii, 1986) Watson, Donald P.
    This leaflet provides methods to extend the vase life of cut tropical flowers.
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    Your Do-it-yourself Fallout Insurance Policy
    (University of Hawaii, 1964-06) Rural Civil Defense Program
    This leaflet provides instructions on constructing a radiation fallout shelter.
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    Prize-winning Passion Fruit Recipes
    (University of Hawaii, 1971-02) Matsumoto, Eleanor
    This collection of passion fruit recipes contains the prize winners in the Passion Fruit Product Show conducted by the Subcommittee of the Support Island Economy Committee of the Hawaii Federation of Women's Clubs on October 6, 1955.
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    (University of Hawaii, 1966-03) Matsumoto, Eleanor A.
    This leaflet describes the benefits of eating Aku (skipjack tuna) and provides recipes.
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    Hot Bananas! For Variety in Meals Use the Cooking Banana
    (University of Hawaii, 1960-07) Matsumoto, Eleanor A.
    This leaflet describes the cooking banana and provides recipes using them.
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    Deboning a Chicken
    (University of Hawaii, 1972-08) Tanaka, Tokushi
    This leaflet describes the process of deboning chicken.