Fesharaki, Fereidun

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    Critical energy issues in Asia and the Pacific : the next twenty years
    (Boulder, CO : Westview Press, 1982) Fesharaki, Fereidun ; Brown, Harrison ; Siddayao, Corazon M. ; Siddiqi, Toufiq A. ; Smith, Kirk R. ; Woodard, Kim
    Confronting the critical energy issues that face both the developing and the industrial nations of Asia and the Pacific, the authors of this book discuss the changing political and economic situations in the region and the various implications of those changes. The topics addressed include the problems of access to crude oil, the price of crude, the historical dependence of the region on the major oil exporters, and the impact of oil prices on the foreign exchange earnings and foreign debt situation of the region's developing nations.

    Nuclear power development and the environmental aspects of energy policies in the area are discussed in some detail, as are China's external energy relations and their regional importance. The book concludes with a chapter on the energy options open to the nations of Asia and the Pacific, suggesting that, given the economic, technical, political, and security considerations raised in the preceding chapters, cooperative programs may be the only way to ensure access to petroleum in the future.