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    Weed Control Options in Landscape Beds and Groundcovers
    (University of Hawaii, 2001-02) Deputy, Jay ; DeFrank, Joe
    Weed management in landscapes can be complex. It helps to design and prepare plantings with weed control in mind. Mulches, weed barriers, and herbicide options are discussed.
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    Watering Trees
    (University of Hawaii, 1997-09) Meade, Ginny ; Hensley, David L.
    A brief guide to how, how much, how often, and when to apply water to trees in the landscape.
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    Using Tensiometers for Measuring Soil Water and Scheduling Irrigation
    (University of Hawaii, 1999-04) Hensley, David ; Deputy, James
    Use of tensiometers can provide knowledge about the water-holding characteristics of soil and the water needs of plants.
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    Using Trees to Save Energy
    (University of Hawaii, 1998-02) Meade, Ginny ; Hensley, David L.
    Positioning trees for shading and wind control is discussed, 18 suitable types are briefly described, and some unsuitable ones are mentioned. A diagram to aid planning shows seasonal differences in the sun's sunrise and sunset orientation in Hawaii, and its altitude at midday.
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    Terminal Chlorosis on Landscape Plants
    (University of Hawaii, 2006-05) Wong, Melvin
    Chlorosis of plant terminals can be caused by insects, diseases, nutrient toxicities, and other causes; seven examples are illustrated with photos.