Thurman, Rosanna Mari Runyon

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    Archaeological Investigations at Maunawila Heiau: Traditional Hawaiʻi in Hauʻula's Backyard
    ( 2014) Thurman, Rosanna Mari Runyon
    From report's Introduction section: The Maunawila Heiau project is located on the northeast shore of O‘ahu within Hau‘ula Ahupua‘a, Tax Map Key (TMK): [1] 5‐4‐05: 010. This project was conducted per request of the landowners, the heirs of Daniel and Louise A‘oe McGregor, and has been organized in coordination with the McGregor ‘ohana (family), Dr. James Bayman (Coordinator of the Applied Archaeology Program at the University of Hawai‘i‐Mānoa), and the Hau‘ula Community Association (HCA). This project was prompted by a planned change in land ownership of TMK: [1] 5‐4‐05: 010. The McGregor ‘ohana wanted to ensure preservation of archaeological features on the property. Support for preservation and maintenance of Maunawila Heiau was provided by the Ko‘olauloa Hawaiian Civic Club and local community members. The parcel is in the process of being purchased by the Hawai‘i Island Land Trust (HILT), with assistance from the Clean Water and Natural Lands Commission and the Legacy Lands Conservation Commission. The study area is presented on an island‐wide USGS map (Figure 1), an aerial photograph (Figure 2), a USGS Hau‘ula quadrangle map (Figure 3), and a TMK map (Figure 4). This project was completed in fulfillment of requirements for my degree in the Applied Archaeology Program at UH‐Mānoa. Fieldwork was conducted under archaeological permits issued to the principle investigator, Dr. James Bayman (in accordance with Hawaii Regulatory Statutes [HRS] 13‐13‐281). This project was conducted in accordance with Hawai‘i Administrative Rules (HAR) for archaeological inventory surveys (13‐13‐279).