Corpus Linguistics for Korean Language Learning and Teaching

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    Corpus Linguistics for Korean Language Learning and Teaching conference program
    (National Foreign Language Resource Center, University of Hawai‘i, 2003) National Foreign Language Resource Center
    Corpus linguistics studies take advantage of the existence of large collections of language production (written or spoken language) in order to investigate a language. Foreign language pedagogy is now beginning to see new possibilities for recent advances in corpus linguistics to improve language teaching and learning. Readily available Korean-language corpora and easy-to-use tools can now be used on the spot in a language teaching context, by teachers and learners without extensive training in computational linguistics, and studies of linguistic features can be tailored to specific pedagogic context and learning requirements. The NFLRC Summer Institute workshop Corpus Linguistics for Korean Language Learning and Teaching will acquaint participants with the basic concepts of corpus linguistics, including corpus construction and annotation, concordancing, frequency counts and ranks, grammatical tagging, and related concepts. Participants will learn how to access Korean corpora and how to use the available computer programs for Korean corpus analysis. The workshop will outline techniques for the teacher to use in materials preparation and curriculum design and for the individual learner to use in exploring meaning, structure, and use in Korean. In the second part of the workshop, participants will engage in individual projects chosen with their own learning goals in mind.
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    2001 NFLRC summer institute evaluation: Korean pedagogy workshop: Task-based language teaching
    (Second Language Teaching & Curriculum Center, University of Hawaii at Manoa, 2001) Yoshioka, J.
    Evaluation of the 2001 NFLRC Summer Institute, Korean Pedagogy Workshop: Task-Based Language Teaching.