Hawaiʻi Review, 2005

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    Hawaiʻi Review, Volume 28, Number 1
    (Honolulu, University of Hawaii, 2005) University of Hawai'i at Mānoa
    Chief Editor: Frakes, Clinton John. Managing Editor: Ottiger, Lisa. Fiction Editor: Padua, Jonathan. Poetry Editor: Frakes, Clinton John. Contributing Editor: Kelsey, Christopher. Graphic Designer: Kanekoa, Kamaka. Office Manager: Unebasami, Kari. Contents: Shapiro, Michael - "Personal Myths." Young, Abe Louise - "How I Got My Scholarship," "Edible Fossils," "Transcendental Sandals." Gritsman, Andrey - "Christmas Poem," "New Jersey Gothic." Saalfeld, Daniel - "Bacon Street." Peters, Thomas R., Jr. - "Iowa In," "Let Freedom Ring." Hunter, Sandra - "Piece of Cake." Ward, Fritz - "Un-Gala," "Poem Ending in Red," "Poorly Written Love Notes." Nelson, Helena - "Straws." Kilpatrick, Lynn - "My Book Reports: The Western Canon." Kicknosway, Faye - "Lunch," "There Are Whistles and Heat," "If the Door Is on Fire." Capozzoli, Cathy - "The Importance of Being Photogenic," "Scramble the Radar," "Not Disfigured with Fortune." Epperson, TC - "Flying Lemurs," "Trust," "Two Women Keep the House," "Poem Breeding." Toy, Amanda - "Multi-media art." Steenland, Sally - "Total Depravity." Yasinski, Arnie - "Ashes, Darkness, Dust." Pavich, Tamara - "Harvest Moon." Souther, Sherman - "Asymptotes II." Campbell, Lisa - "Bay of Conception," "Down River." Stewart, Frank - "The Price of Kissing," "The Owners of the Day Give up Their Seats to All."