Hawaiʻi Review, 1980

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    Hawaiʻi Review, Number 10
    (Honolulu, University of Hawaii, 1980) University of Hawai'i at Mānoa
    Editor: Povich, Anita. Poetry Editors: Kuribayashi, Laurie and Tachiyama, Gary. Fiction Editor: Ramirez, Valentino. Managing Editor: Aschwald, Michelle. Poetry Reader: Messing, Sera Nakachi. Fiction Staff: Milliken, Roger and Shigenaga, Chris T. Advisory Editors: Lee, Peter H., MacMillan, Ian, and Wilson, Rob. Advisory Board: Huntsberry, William, Thompson, Phyllis, and Onopa, Robert. Production Staff: Press, Beau. Fiction: Rosca, Ninotchka - "The Neighborhood." Nelson, David - "Angel, My Angel." Baber, Asa - "The Surfer." Goldsberry, Steven - "Maui Lifts the Sky." Sinclair, Marjorie - "The Children." Nesin, Aziz - "Barney's Leg." Drama: Murayama, Milton - "Yoshitsune." Poetry Feature: Chih-lin, Pien, Pao-hua, Ts'ao, Hsin-ti, Wang, Ch'ing, Ai, Ti, Hsin, Mitsuhara, Kaneko, Tōzaburo, Ono, Yoshirō, Ishihara, and Chi-hun, Cho - Contemporary East Asian Poets. Poetry: Hongo, Garrett Kaoru - "What For." Eaton, Charles Edward - "The Man From Buena Vista." Sen, Rāmprasād - "Poem." Hala - "Epigrams from the Prakrit." Ondaatje, Michael - "Claude Glass." Issa - "Three Haiku." Holub, Miroslav - "Three Poems." Sward, Robert - "Two Poems." Kinnell, Galway - "Two Poems." Kraus, Jim - "Looking for Yesterday." Messing, Sera Nakachi - "Two Poems." Chock, Eric - "Two Poems." Lum, Wing Tek - "East/West Poem." Talerico, Victor - "Tearing Down a Plantation House." Unterecker, John - "Island in Autumn." Song, Cathy - "Chinatown." Lau, Alan Chong - "Two Poems." Thompson, Phyllis - "What is Quiet." Matsueda, Pat - "Inside." Hulme, Keri - "Leaving My Bones Behind." Farrokhzaad, Foroogh - "A Rebirth." Kanemitsu, Daniel - "Two Poems." Essays: Stempel, Daniel - "Disappearing Into the Text: Dithyramb and Nome in Keats's Odes." Hamasaki, Richard - "The Cantos of Ezra Pound: East vs. West." Reviews: Wilson, Rob - "Celebration of Continuity by Peter H. Lee." Sinclair, Marjorie - "The Stone of Kannon by Ozzie Bushnell." Carroll, Jeffrey - "The Snow Leopard by Peter Matthiessen." Bell, Marvin - "Poetry Hawaii, edited by Frank Stewart and John Unterecker." Notes on Contributors.