Policies and Strategies for Digital Government

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    Introduction to the Minitrack on Policies and Strategies for Digital Government
    ( 2023-01-03) Cordella, Antonio ; Gualdi, Francesco ; Bannister, Frank ; Park, Kyung Ryul
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    Does Co-Creation Affect the Adoption of IT-Enabled Solutions? The Case of a Mobile Application for Emergency Preparedness
    ( 2023-01-03) Yuan, Qianli ; Gasco-Hernandez, Mila ; Gil-Garcia, J. Ramon ; Taneja, Vaasu ; Doke, Karyn ; Bogdanov, Petko ; Zheleva, Mariya
    Co-creation has been increasingly advocated by both scholars and practitioners in the public sector to enable the development of information technologies driven by citizens’ needs. Despite other potential advantages, it is not clear whether co-creation actually influences the adoption of IT-enabled solutions. The current knowledge about the effects of co-creation processes in the public sector is especially limited in non-urban environments. Based on a case study of the development of a mobile app for emergency preparedness and response in a rural town, the results of this study show that citizens play an important role in co-creation by identifying unique challenges for using the app. Local leadership plays a key role in the recruiting of participants, while professionals’ facilitation and openness are key during the co-designing of the app. Overall, the co-creation process increased citizens’ perceived ease of use and facilitated their adoption of the app.
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    Citizens' Expectations about Achieving Public Value and the Role of Digital Technologies: It Takes Three to Tango!
    ( 2023-01-03) Zavolokina, Liudmila ; Sprenkamp, Kilian ; Schenk, Birgit
    Governments across the globe are facing pressure to increase the speed of their digital transformation to meet the needs of the digital society while fulfilling their primary task of delivering public value. While researchers agree on the importance of the public sector for public value creation, recently, more and more studies have recognized the criticality of collaboration between the public and private sectors for successful public value creation. In our research, we conduct a qualitative survey. We examine the idea of collaboration between the public and the private sectors in more detail and extend it from a citizens’ perspective. We highlight the need for joint forces for optimal public value creation and identify ways to achieve this and what digital technologies can support this process.