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    Acidification of Volcanic Ash Soils from Maui and Hawai‘i Island for Blueberry and Tea Production
    (University of Hawaii, 2011-09) Kawabata, Andrew F. ; Deenik, Jonathan L. ; Hamasaki, Randall T. ; Lichty, Joanne ; Nakamoto, Stuart T.
    This publication provides background on soil acidity in relation to plant growth, presents approaches to acidifying soils, and provides guidelines for the acidification of some volcanic soils on Maui and Hawai‘i island that are potential sites for tea and blueberry production.
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    Soil Orders in Hawaii
    (University of Hawaii, 2010) Ikawa, Ike ; Hue, Nguyen ; Yost, Russell
    This poster describes and provides color photos of ten different soil orders in Hawaii.
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    Maximizing Yields of Corn for Silage and Bioethanol in Hawaii by Increasing Planting Density
    (University of Hawaii, 2009-11) Brewbaker, James L.
    This publication reviews research at the University of Hawaii’s College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources to evaluate corn hybrids for the silage and bioethanol industries in Hawaii. Maximizing yields is shown to depend on careful choice of tropically adapted hybrids and planting at suitably high plant population densities.
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    Benefits and Costs of Using Perennial Peanut as Living Mulch for Fruit Trees in Hawaii
    (University of Hawaii, 2009-08) Radovich, Ted ; Cox, Linda J. ; Sugano, Jari ; Idol, Travis
    To help Hawaii growers make management decisions about the use of a living mulch, this publication describes experiments conducted to study the effects of perennial peanut planting method and density on (1) groundcover canopy development, (2) selected indicators of soil quality, (3) fruit tree nutrient status, and (4) the cost of establishing the living mulch.
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    Visual Symptoms of Plant Nutrient Deficiencies in Nursery and Landscape Plants
    (University of Hawaii, 2005-01) Wong, Melvin
    Keys to identifying nutrient deficiencies based on whether they first occur on older leaves or newer leaves are given, and iron deficiency on four ornamental plants is shown.