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    Using Assessment Results at a Large Research University: Methods of Analysis and Exemplary Practices
    ( 2022-06-07) Stephens-Chu, Maura
    How can we capture and showcase ways that degree programs use their learning assessment results in a systematic and meaningful way? This session presents the method of meta content analysis of program learning assessment reports, including developing a coding scheme, checking inter-rater consistency, and reporting and using analysis results. I also illustrate with concrete examples the major ways that degree programs at a large research institution used assessment results. The analysis and showcase are extremely beneficial because they detail the extent and type of utilization and provide clear examples that serve as models for other programs. The session ends with suggestions for activities to showcase program accomplishments and promote a culture of using assessment for learning improvement. Viewers will be introduced to a content analysis method applied to program assessment reports, be inspired by examples of how degree programs used their results, and learn how we have showcased use-of-results examples.
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    Graduate Program Assessment-for-Learning-Improvement Showcase
    (Assessment and Curriculum Support Center and Graduate Division, 2021-11-03) Hill, Yao Z. ; Hong, Seunghye ; Mashima, Pauline ; Menchaca, Mike ; Saffery, Maya
    Meaningful learning assessment, when done well, can serve as a powerful tool to enhance students’ learning environment, foster a shared vision among faculty, and enhance a program’s educational quality. Have you ever wondered how learning assessment can be done in a feasible yet meaningful way for both our students and faculty? Join us in this panel session that features exceptional graduate programs and faculty who will share their tales of assessment for learning improvement (i.e., stories of how assessment processes and findings lead to curriculum changes that result in improved student learning). Learn about a variety of creative and thoughtful ways to conduct learning assessment from our colleagues in Communication Sciences & Disorders MS, Hawaiian MA, Learning Design and Technology PhD, and Social Work MSW programs. Participants will learn: what counts as assessment-for-learning-improvement and assessment resources; data collection strategies; strategies to lead collaborative curriculum discussions and decisions; and methods to evaluate learning improvement. Participants will also have the opportunity to interact with a panelist of their choice in breakout rooms.
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    Civic Engagement Assignment Design
    (Assessment and Curriculum Support Center & Center for Teaching Excellence, 2022-03-08) Hill, Yao Z. ; Pascua, Atina ; Hasager, Ulla
    Do you want to improve the design of civic engagement assignments to maximize student learning and to meet institutional expectations? Come to this highly interactive workshop to learn about civic engagement assignment design principles and strategies. Bring assignment instructions to receive constructive feedback from peers and experts in civic engagement instruction and research. Offer your insights and suggestions to others. Walk away from the workshop with concrete plans to enhance assignments that lead to deep reflection and development in students. After a brief introduction of the assignment design principles and tools, participants will join small group breakout rooms to share and receive peer feedback through a structured discussion, facilitated by experienced civic engagement instructors and experts. Our expert team includes Atina Pascua, the UH Mānoa Director of the Office of Civic and Community Engagement; Ulla Hasager, College of Social Sciences Director of Civic Engagement; and Yao Zhang Hill from the Assessment and Curriculum Support Center. The workshop will end with a group reflection on civic engagement assignment design tips and strategies.
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    Advanced Degree Institutional Learning Achievement Investigation: Methods and Opportunities for Action
    (Assessment and Curriculum Support Center, 2021-10-26) Stephens-Chu, Maura ; Hill, Yao Zhang
    This presentation describes the process and results of an institutional assessment project that investigated advanced degree program learning achievement through a meta-analysis of 2018-2020 program assessment reports. Our analysis shows a high level of learning achievement with 95% to 97% of advanced degree students meeting expectations of Institutional Learning Objectives. We provide recommendations for programs to overcome challenges relating to the quality of program assessment and achievement results identified in some reports. Additionally, the presentation highlights our communication and collaboration strategies among key constituencies on campus in an effort to enhance the quality of graduate program learning assessment.
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    Showcasing Assessment Excellence Online: Strategies for Organizing a Successful Online Poster Exhibit
    ( 2021-07-27) Hill, Yao Z. ; Stephens-Chu, Maura ; Alarilla, Adrian
    In this presentation, we share with fellow assessment practitioners how we organized an online assessment poster exhibit at a large public research-intensive university. We will present the strategies used to recruit and support presenters in producing high quality posters, and strategies used to publicize and promote the event to attract attendees. Participants will leave with resources and templates to support assessment poster development for faculty and concrete tips to organize an assessment showcase poster event that provides a positive learning experience for both presenters and attendees.