Hawaiʻi Review, 2013

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    Hawaiʻi Review, Number 78
    (Honolulu, University of Hawaii, 2013) University of Hawai'i at Mānoa
    Editor in Chief: Wolf, Rachel. Managing Editor: Han, Joseph. Poetry Editor: Amos, Kelsey. Design Editor: Lugo, Christina. Visual Editor: Lycan, Scot. Fiction: Neagoy, Douglas - "One Litto Ting." Nagashima, Cheri - "The Probability and Statistics of Not Killing Yourself in Aokigahara." Scrivner, David - "Ernest Henry Shackleton: Explorer." Poetry: Bueno, Amalia B. - "At Cebu Pool Hall." Wilson, Rob - "My Hawaiʻi Nei." Kubota, Davin - "Phases of Shopping." Fiction and Poetry: Mendez, Alysha - "Escaping a Dream." Bondhus, Charlie - "A Talent for Destruction." Cotter, Craig - "Downstairs." Gaglia, Lou - "Never Trust a Pool Salesman." Hunter, Rose - "Bunuelo." Esau, Amber - "O le Lua Faitoʻtoa." Choen, Julia - "Attached to the Swan Comes the Water," "Romantic Weather." Black, Lucy E.M. - "Creamers." Chappel, Jacquelyn - "Fishing With Dad." Shishido, Karen - "Kaneaole." Warsh, Nicole - "His Voice: An Excavation." Norht, Tia - "III. Stones, All of Them in Motion." Nelson, J. Alan - "Curse." Phillips, Kathy J. - "The On-Ramp." Stevenson, Coleman - "Belt, Glove, Umbrella." Brewer, Gaylord - "Ghost as Housekeeper." Brown-Pereira, Audrey - "A Painted Portrait of Ladies Two Framed in the Lounge of the Nephewʻs Home," Night Time." Skau, Michael - "Night Lesson." Rein, Joseph - "Imitations of Chloe." Jennings, Alice Katherine - "Cafe Brujula," "Oaxaca." Kealiʻi, David - "Mauiʻs Secret." Rosenthal, Steven - "Liliha Street." Gorham, Will Short - "Kid Running Distance." Contributorsʻ Notes.