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    Backyard Composting, Recycling a Natural Product
    (University of Hawaii, 2002-04) Anonymous
    Composting principles, methods, and troubleshooting are discussed.
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    Small-Scale Vermicomposting
    (University of Hawaii, 2005-08) Selden, Piper ; DuPonte, Michael ; Sipes, Brent ; Dinges, Kelly
    Vermicomposting uses earthworms and other microorganisms to digest organic wastes, such as kitchen scraps. Vermicomposting is faster than traditional composting methods, requires less space, and creates little odor. Making a “worm bin” stocked with composting worms and feeding them plant scraps from the kitchen and garden is a convenient, low-maintenance waste-processing method usable almost anywhere people live, including urban environments
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    Growing Hydroponic Cucumbers in a Plastic Trash Container
    (University of Hawaii, 2003-01) Kratky, B.A.
    Cucumbers can be grown in a large plastic trash container (30–35 gallons) by a simple noncirculating hydroponic method that does not require electricity or a pump.
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    Fertilizers for Fruit Trees in the Home Garden
    (University of Hawaii, 1997-02) McCall, Wade W. ; Chia, C.L.
    Fertilizers are used to supplement the soil’s supply of nutrients for plants. For the most efficient use of applied fertilizers, the pH of the soil should be in the proper range for the crop, there should be adequate organic matter and moisture and good aeration, and the soil should have good tilth. Fertilizers and soil amendments should be applied to meet the needs of the particular fruit tree.
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    Enhancing Your Lanai, Balcony, or Patio with Container Plants
    (University of Hawaii, 2002-08) Criley, Richard
    The environment of a lanai or an apartment balcony is generally not hospitable for plants. Winds dry the soil and dehydrate the foliage. The sun heats the pot, medium, and plant, causing poor root development, water loss, and stress on the photosynthetic factory. Soil microorganisms are also affected and exist at low populations. However, if plant selection and maintenance are done with proper forethought and care, länai plants can enhance the outdoor environment.
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    Composting Worms for Hawaii
    (University of Hawaii, 2005-08) Selden, Piper ; DuPonte, Michael ; Sipes, Brent ; Dinges, Kelly
    Suitability of Perionyx excavatus and Amynthas gracilis for composting in Hawaii.
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    A Simple Hydroponic Growing Kit for Short-Term Vegetables
    (University of Hawaii, 2002-06) Kratky, B.A.
    Leafy and semi-head lettuce and other short-term crops can be grown with a simple, inexpensive hydroponic kit that does not require electricity or a pump.
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