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    Soil Health Technical Efficiency Guatemala Potato
    ( 2019) Chan, Catherine ; Sipes, Brent ; Melakeberhan, Haddish ; Sanchez, Amilcar ; Sacbaja, Anabil
    Technical efficiency of smallholder potato farmers in Guatemala considering inputs of fertilizer, pesticides, and labor.
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    Cognitive map survey on soil health
    ( 2019) Sipes, Brent ; Chan, Catherine ; Melakeberhan, Haddish ; Sanchez, Amilcar ; Sacbaja, Anabil
    Survey response data for cognitive mapping of smallholder farmers' perceptions on soil health, plant-parasitic nematodes, and potato yield.
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    Soil Analysis
    ( 2019) Sipes, Brent ; Sanchez, Amilcar ; Chan, Catherine ; Melakeberhan, Haddish ; Sacbaja, Anabil
    Soil from field plots containing pH, concentrations of P, Cu, Zn, Mn in ppm; meq/100 g of CIC, Ca, Mg, Na, and K; percent SB, MO, and N; percent organic matter; percent sand, silt, and clay; and soil class.
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    Horticulture Innovation Lab Soil Health Project - Nematode Data
    ( 2019) Sipes, Brent, ; Melakeberhan, Haddish ; Chan, Catherine ; Sanchez, Amilcar ; Sacbaja, Anabil
    Raw nematode counts from soil samples collected from cooperating farmer fields.