Hawaiʻi Review, 1982

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    Hawaiʻi Review, Number 13
    (Honolulu, University of Hawaii, 1982) University of Hawai'i at Mānoa
    Editor: Fulkerson, Barbara. Fiction Editor: Ball, Lizabeth. Poetry Editor: Terada, Wini. Managing Editor: Blair, Donna. Contents: Nelson, Victoria - "Valley Slide Show," "Four Oahu Tales." Kalpakian, Laura - "Hunters in the Fields of August." James, David - "Stealing From Grandmother." Unterecker, John - "Three Short Poems Having to Do With Darkness." Coleman, Wanda - "My Love Brings Flowers." Kluzak, Zdenek M. - "Northern Blue." Wilson, Patrice - "Melchior." Song, Cathy - "Two Poems." Terada, Wini - "Two Poems." Seto, Cindy - "Two Poems." Stanton, Joseph - "Breughelʻs ʻTriumph of Death.ʻ" Lohmann, Jeanne - "Shell Beach." Thomas, Debra - "Woodrose." Miyasato, Bill - "Tsunami." Higgins, Michael - "Cambodia: Invitation to an Itinerant Reaper." Farrokhzaad, Foroogh - "Letʻs Bring Faith to the Onset of the Cold Season." Hilgers, Tom - "A Conversation with Marvin Bell." Bell, Marvin and Stafford, William - "Correspondence." Nunes, Susan - "A Small Obligation." Ondjaatje, Michael - "Monsoon Notebooks." Lum, Darrell H.Y. - "The Moiliili Bag Man." McPherson, Michael - "Clouds, Trees and Ocean, North Kauai." Susskind, Harriet - "Two Poems." Genega, Paul - "Pharoah." Reisner, Bill - "The Moon Is a Streetlamp." Ikenaga, Cindy S. - "Feelings on Faye." Quagliano, Tony - "Poem." Falco, Edward - "elegy." Henderson, Archibald - "Five Sisters." LaSalle, Peter - "Dream Leakage." Lum, Wing Tek - "Going to a Funeral." Hamabata, Marla - "Oh Wow." Steinhoff, William D. - "Prove It to Me." Montes-Huidobro, Matias - "from Exiles into Fire." Contributors Notes.