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    Data transparency and citation in the journal Gesture
    (John Benjamins Publishing Company, 2019) Gawne, Lauren ; Krajcik, Chelsea ; Andreassen, Helene N. ; Berez-Kroeker, Andrea L. ; Kelly, Barbara F.
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    Color figures from the Open Handbook of Linguistic Data Management
    ( 2021-01-18) Berez-Kroeker, Andrea L. ; McDonnell, Bradley ; Koller, Eve ; Collister, Lauren B. ; Akama, Hiroyuki
    These images are from the chapter by Hiroyuki Akama, "Managing, sharing and reusing fMRI data in computational neurolinguistics" in the Open Handbook of Linguistic Data Management, edited by Andrea L. Berez-Kroeker, Bradley McDonnell, Eve Koller and Lauren B. Collister. Cambrige, MA: MIT Press Open.
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    Stimuli Items Used in the Study "Revisiting Tagalog Word Order Preferences"
    ( 2019-08-07) Bondoc, Ivan Paul ; Schafer, Amy J.
    This study investigates linear word order tendencies in single-sentence contexts for four Tagalog voice alternations. The work hypothesizes two grammatical constraints that influence production of declaratives in Tagalog: an agent-first constraint, where the agent preferentially occupies the first post-verbal argument position; and a pivot-second constraint, where the pivot preferentially occupies the second argument position. We test these proposed constraints in a sentence continuation task. Native Tagalog adults demonstrated word order patterns aligning with these constraints in the patient, benefactive, and instrument voice. The two constraints resolved in the agent voice to exhibit two similarly preferred patterns. The study findings extend support for a probabilistic account where probability distributions, influenced by interacting grammatical constraints, determine Tagalog word order preferences.
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    Topological Relations in Pohnpeian
    (Walter de Gruyter GmbH, Berlin/Boston, 2017) Rentz, Bradley
    This article explores a more nuanced understanding of topological relations in the Pohnpeian language (Austronesian). The BowPed Toolkit (Bowerman and Pederson 1992. Topological relations picture series. In Space stimuli kit 1.2: November 1992, 51, Nijmegen: Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics. http://fieldmanuals. mpi.nl/volumes/1992/bowped/.) is employed as an elicitation tool with five Pohnpeian speakers. Evolutionary classification tree modeling is used as a discovery tool to find patterns in the data. The results show that the two prepositions in Pohnpeian, nan and ni, should be redefined in terms of topological relations as ‘containment’ and ‘attachment’ respectively. Likewise the meaning of some prepositional nouns are further revised.
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    Data Citation in Linguistics: Looking forward to new standards
    ( 2018) Gawne, Lauren ; Berez-Kroeker, Andrea L. ; Andreassen, Helene N.
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    Data Transparency and Citation in Gesture
    ( 2018) Gawne, Lauren ; Krajcik, Chelsea ; Andreassen, Helene N. ; Berez-Kroeker, Andrea L. ; Kelly, Barbara F.
    Gesture Studies has a strong history of research that spans multiple fields, but there is still not a robust culture of valuing reproducibility.
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    Agent versus non-Agent motions influence language production: Word order and perspective in a VOS language
    (Cognitive Science Society, 2018) Sato, Manami ; Niikuni, Keiyu ; Schafer, Amy J. ; Koizumi, Masatoshi
    Is language production isolated from our experiences of physical events, or can physical motion affect the conceptual saliency of the components of a to-be-described event, in ways that affect its linguistic description? This study examined the influence of physical motion on the interpretation and description of simple transitive events. More specifically, we investigated whether engagement in non-speech physical actions affects the relative location of verbs versus arguments in sentence production, and the relative location and prominence of Agents, by testing native speakers of Truku, a language that allows flexibility in each of these options and presents under-studied typological patterns.
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    Data presented in Camp & Schafer (2018, LabPhon)
    ( 2018) Camp, Amber B. ; Schafer, Amy J.
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    Appendices for "Survey of Current Reproducibility Practices in Linguistics Journals, 2003-2012."
    ( 2017) Berez-Kroeker, Andrea L. ; Gawne, Lauren ; Kelly, Barbara F. ; Heston, Tyler