The magnitude of ming : command, allotment, and fate in Chinese culture

Lupke, Christopher, 1959
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Honolulu : University of Hawaiʻi Press
Includes bibliographical references (p. 331-363) and index.
Introduction Various Modes of Ming -- Christopher Lupke, Washington State University -- PART ONE THE FOUNDATIONS OF FATE: EARLY CHINESE CONCEPTIONS OF MING -- Command and the Content of Tradition -- David Schaberg, University of California, Los Angeles -- Following the Commands of Heaven: The Notion of Ming in Early China -- Michael Puett, Harvard University -- Languages of Fate: Semantic Fields in Chinese and Greek -- Lisa Raphals, University of California, Riverside -- How to Steer Through Life: Confronting Fate in the Daybook -- Mu-chou Poo, Institute of History and Philology, Academia Sinica --
PART TWO ESCAPE ATTEMPTS FROM FINITUDE: MING IN THE LATER HAN AND SIX DYNASTIES PERIOD -- Living off the Books: Fifty Ways to Dodge Ming in Early -- Medieval China -- Robert Campany, Indiana University -- Simple Twists of Fate: The Daoist Body and its Ming -- Stephen Bokenkamp, Indiana University -- Multiple Vistas of Ming and Changing Visions of Life in the Work of Tao Qian -- Zong-qi Cai, University of Illinois -- PART THREE REVERSALS OF FORTUNE AND REVERSALS OF REALITY: THE LITERARY CAREER OF MING IN LATE IMPERIAL FICTION AND DRAMA -- Turning Lethal Slander into Productive Instruction: Laws, Ledgers, and the Changing Taxonomies of Vernacular Production in Late Imperial China -- Patricia Sieber, Ohio State University -- Fate and Transcendence in the Rhetoric of Myth and Ritual -- P. Steven Sangren, Cornell University -- PART FOUR DETERMINISM'S PROGRESS: VOLUNTARISM, GENDER AND FATALISM IN MODERN CHINA -- Hubris in Chinese Thought: A Theme in Post-Mao Cultural Criticism -- Woei Lien Chong, Leiden University -- Gendered Fate -- Deirdre Sabina Knight, Smith College -- Divi/Nation: Modern Literary Representations of the Chinese -- Imagined Community -- Christopher Lupke, Washington State University
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xii, 377 p. ill. 24 cm
Fate and fatalism, Philosophy, Chinese
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