Developing a task-based assessment of EAP pragmatics Youn, Soo Jung 2011-06-09T21:43:44Z 2011-06-09T21:43:44Z 2009
dc.description.abstract The purpose of the present study is to identify L2 speakers’ pragmatic needs in a university EAP program. Based on the needs analysis, target tasks and pragmatic assessment tasks were identified with a specification of intended use of assessment tasks and pragmatic learning outcomes. Specifically, the study addressed the following questions: (a) What are EAP pragmatic needs of students, instructors, and the program? (b) What are the intended uses of EAP pragmatic assessment tasks? (c) What are pragmatic learning outcomes in an EAP program? (d) What kinds of assessment tasks can be developed based on EAP pragmatic needs and intended uses in the target program? For the needs analysis, the semi-structured interviews and questionnaire were used. Also, Multi-faceted Rasch model FACETS analysis was conducted to investigate raters’ performance with task-dependent rating criteria and examinees’ overall performance, the developed tasks showed a wide range of difficulties with the task-dependent rating criteria. Also, all three raters were shown to be internally consistent in their ratings. However, more detailed both qualitative and quantitative data analyses will be crucial to inform stakeholders who will use the developed assessment tasks and rating criteria.
dc.format.extent 55 pages
dc.subject Rasch analysis
dc.subject task-based assessment
dc.subject EAP pragmatics
dc.title Developing a task-based assessment of EAP pragmatics
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