A Group Recommendation Model Using Diversification Techniques

Oliveira, Amanda
Durao, Frederico
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In daily life groups are formed naturally, such as watching a movie with friends, or going out for dinner. In all these scenarios, using Recommendation Systems can be helpful by suggesting pieces of information (e.g. movies or restaurants) that satisfies all rather than a single member in the group. To do so, it is crucial to aggregate individual preferences of the group members aiming at satisfying all. Although there are consensus techniques to create the group profile, the recommendations still may be repetitive and overspecialized. This drawback sets precedent for adopting diversification techniques to group recommendations. In this paper, we propose a group recommendation model using diversification techniques that exploits different aggregation techniques over group preferences matrix. The experiments evaluate accuracy and diversity goals for the group recommendations. Results from the experiments point out that our approach achieved 1.8% of diversity increase and 3.8% of precision improvement over compared methods.
Data Analytics, Data Mining and Machine Learning for Social Media, consensus, diversity, group recommendation
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