Extracting Causal Claims from Information Systems Papers with Natural Language Processing for Theory Ontology Learning

Mueller, Roland M.
Huettemann, Sebastian
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The number of scientific papers published each year is growing exponentially. How can computational tools support scientists to better understand and process this data? This paper presents a software-prototype that automatically extracts causes, effects, signs, moderators, mediators, conditions, and interaction signs from propositions and hypotheses of full-text scientific papers. This prototype uses natural language processing methods and a set of linguistic rules for causal information extraction. The prototype is evaluated on a manually annotated corpus of 270 Information Systems papers containing 723 hypotheses and propositions from the AIS basket of eight. F1-results for the detection and extraction of different causal variables range between 0.71 and 0.90. The presented automatic causal theory extraction allows for the analysis of scientific papers based on a theory ontology and therefore contributes to the creation and comparison of inter-nomological networks.
Theory and Information Systems, Causal Relationship Extraction, Causality, Natural Language Processing, Theory, Theory Ontology Learning
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