Development of Trust Measure in Biometric Technology Semnani-Azad, Zhaleh Chien, Shih-Yi James Forster, Yannick Schuckers, Stephanie Gan, Houchao 2019-01-03T00:42:16Z 2019-01-03T00:42:16Z 2019-01-08
dc.description.abstract Societal acceptance of biometric technology is complex and highly dependent on trust. The limited work on trust in biometric s is mostly anecdotal with correlational patterns associated with familiarity and confidence in different types of biometric s [26]. To develop a comprehensive understanding of people’s trust perceptions toward biometric s, we employed existing theories to develop a systematic measure of trust in biometric s from a consumer perspective. We 1) gathered prior trust measures in the context of interpersonal interaction, technology adoption, information system and automated technology, 2) identified common trust dimensions across these contexts, 3) modified the items for the context of biometric technology, and 4) conducted a survey study to determine sub-factors and reliability of this new measure. Our data generated seven new factors associated with consumer trust in biometric technology. We discuss implications of the current work and suggest future directions.
dc.format.extent 8 pages
dc.identifier.doi 10.24251/HICSS.2019.699
dc.identifier.isbn 978-0-9981331-2-6
dc.language.iso eng
dc.relation.ispartof Proceedings of the 52nd Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences
dc.rights Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International
dc.subject Advances in Trust, Identity, and Trusted Systems in Technology-Mediated Environments
dc.subject Organizational Systems and Technology
dc.subject Biometric Technology, Trust, Culture, Human Factors
dc.title Development of Trust Measure in Biometric Technology
dc.type Conference Paper
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