Understanding Mobile Banking Success Through User Segmentation

Motiwalla, Luvai
Albashrawi, Mousa
Kartal, Hasan
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Mobile banking (MB) which involves the use of mobile devices to access bank accounts for conducting financial transactions has grown rapidly but unevenly with users. Banks realizes the strategic role of user’s satisfaction and the importance of MB systems in their business models. Yet, the diversity of users and disparity of system usage behaviors make difficult to measure MB success. This study segments the MB users on system use behavior of 4,478 users with objective measures by analyzing the MB system log files on various system usage metrics. Then, a subjective measures study surveys the same users on the system success factors of the information systems (IS) success model by using 445 responses. Results indicate that the influence of success factors significantly varies among user segments for intention to use, which makes an important contribution to enhance interpretation of the IS success model.
Data Analytics in Behavioral Research, Mobile use, Segmentation, IT adoption, objective measures, subjective measures
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