Incorporating Personalization Features in a Hospital-Stay Summary Generation System

Acharya, Sabita
Boyd, Andrew D.
Cameron, Richard
Lopez, Karen Dunn
Martyn-Nemeth, Pamela
Dickens, Carolyn
Ardati, Amer
Di Eugenio, Barbara
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Most of the currently available health resources contain vast amount of information that are created by keeping the “general” population in mind, which in reality, might not be useful for anyone. One approach to providing comprehensible health information to patients is to generate summaries that are personalized to each individual. This paper details the design of a personalized hospital-stay summary generation system that tailors its content to the patient’s understanding of medical terminologies and their level of engagement in improving their own health. Our summaries were found to cover around 80% of the health concepts that were considered as important by a doctor or a nurse. An online survey conducted on 150 participants verified that our algorithm’s interpretation of the personalization parameters is representative of that of a larger population.
Personal Health and Wellness Management with Technologies, Information Technology in Healthcare, Hospitalization summaries, Natural Language Generation, Patient-friendly content, Personalization, Simplification
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