Hawaiʻi Review, Volume 14, Number 3

University of Hawai'i at Mānoa
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Honolulu, University of Hawaii
Editor-in-Chief: Lovell, Elizabeth. Managing Editor: Billing, Priscila. Fiction Editor: Anderson, Stewart G.W. Poetry Editor: Gesang, John. Non-fiction Editor: Ellig, Tracy. Contents: Bukoski, Anthony - "Pit Blind." Bugeja, Michael J. - "Love, Hate: The Life We Learn" and "Thaw." Chase, Karen - "Iʻm scared of shampoo," "Jimmy Keenan," and "The Girl from Morbisch." Watson, Randall A. - "The Timekeeper." Doyle, James - "The Hours" and "The Crossing of Legs." Saknussemm, Kristopher - "Donʻt Get a Gun, Get a Big Dog" and "Sky Class." Tome, S. Naomi - "Untitled." Levine, Miriam - "Sam." Schiff, Jeff - "Pigeons" and "Because." Bernstien, Carole - "The Fire" and "Caught." Kleinschmidt, Edward - "Calling Up" and "Excitement." Miller, James A. - "Extensions." Worley, Jeff - "The Morning Paper." Huber, Robert - "His Royal Highness." Lunde, David - "The Poem Called Liver." Bunch, Richard Alan - "Essays in Divinity." Anonymous - "Saint Erkenwald." Finch, Casey - "The Iliad." Burgwinkle, William - "Ethics and the Courtly Lady." Chorlton, David - "The Batʻs Rebellion." Vertreace, Martha - "The Celtic Cross" and "Jaliscan Sestina." Power, Marjorie - "May Nineteenth," "October in Glimpses," and "The Clay Pot." Steele, Janet - "Season of Fire." Yamanaka, Lois-Ann - "Monday After School." Kretz, Thomas - "Coming from School" and "Ball Point Paper." Kus, Mira - "Untitled." Suzuki, Miko - "Wishes," "Iʻve Got a Warm Middle Spot," "Achromatic Sketches," and "Feh." Brieger, Randy - "The Two Who Jumped." Nelson, Sandra - "Maybe This Storyʻs About Dogs" and "Working for America Motors." Dey, Richard Morris - "The North Road," "Aboard the Friendship Rose, Bequia Channel." Clark, Naomi - "Sailing." Tome, S. Naomi - "The Collection." Eaton, Charles Edward - "Blue Dancers." Taksa, Mark - "Words and the Lighted Blanket." Alberti, Rafael - "Blue." Friedson, A.M. - "Benina." Hamilton, Carol - "Telescoped." Melnyczuk, ASkold - "Astronomy Lesson" and "Nemesis." Blumenthal, Jay A. - "Genesis." Sherman, Martin - "A Clownʻs Clown." Contributorʻs Notes.
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