Cultivating Creativity: Insights from German Local Governments about the Drivers and Barriers of Change

Klein, Hans Christian
Oschinsky, Frederike Marie
Rubens, Sarah
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There is a tremendous need for creative problem solving and innovation. While creativity is considered as a crucial resource in the private sector and in start-ups, creative methods such as design thinking are rarely used as a systematic approach for public innovation. Thus, individual creative work practices with their drivers and barriers are not yet fully understood in public organizations. We start to fill this gap by giving an overview on related work as well as on the foundations of creativity. Next, we present best practices from German local governments. We conduct a focus group interview and illustrate preliminary results. By doing so, we identify four main themes that determine the drivers and barriers when cultivating creativity in the public sector (i.e., creativity and self-efficacy, complexity and application, clearance, mindset). As a conclusion, we discuss our results and show avenues for further research.
Digital Transformation and Government: Barriers to and Enablers of Change, creativity, digital transformation, egovernment, problem solving, public sector
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