Hawaiʻi Review, Number 22

University of Hawai'i at Mānoa
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Honolulu, University of Hawaii
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Editor in Chief: Thompson, Jeannie. Managing Editor: Russo, Margaret. Fiction Editor: Gearen, Barbara. Poetry Editor: Kluzak, Zdenek. Reviews and Essays Editors: Castle, Nancy and Lee, Shirley. Fiction: Torres Rodolfo - "Esta Nina Ira Al Cielo (This Child Will Go to Heaven)" (translation by Sesshu Foster). Kwock, Laureen - "Mr. Charmer." Skloot, Floyd - "Toes, the Reed, & Mrs. the Reed." Nelson, Sandra - "Proofs of Love." Kuschinski, Charles - "Driving." Brady, Brady T. - "One Morning in April." Poetry: Quagliano, Tony - "Recollections of a Coot." London, Jonathan - "Three Poems." Hunter, Donnell - "The Year of the Brothers." Andrasick, Kathleen - "Dishwasher Fears." James, David - "The Air Your Left Behind," "Mother and Daughter," "Summer: Maple Leaves." Yamada, Leona - "Brought to Hawaii." Carson, Meredith S. - "Two Poems." Swann, Gethsemane - "A Cymical Marriage." Kates, J. - "Domestic Archaeology." Whistler, Robert F. - "Turning Without a Signal." Friebert, Stuart - "I Donʻt Quite Understand You." Funge, Robert - "Two Poems." Skillman, Judith - "Weeping Fig." Smith, R.T. - "This Invasion." Bowie, Robert - "Surviving the Seduction of Natureʻs Beauty." Boyd, Greg - "Evolution." Gorst, Norma - "Two Poems." Griswold, Jay - "Sanctuary." Ward, Robert R. - "Two Poems." Kelly-DeWitt, Susan - "Two Poems." Simon, Maurya - "Two Poems." Woods, John - "The Village Constable." Kerrigan, T.S. - "Dublin Revisted." Ray, David - "Gossipy Poem." Goto, T.M - "Affinity With Season." Salisbury, Ralph - "As Sure As." McKenna, J.J. - "Celebration." Gurley, James - "Sunrise." Wexelblatt, Robert - "Two Poems." Stanton, Douglas - "A True Story." Phillips, Louis - "Two Poems." Review: Goto, T.M. - "Cadena De Amor: A Review of the Paperʻs Farewell Issue, ʻNight Suites.ʻ" Essay: Wolf, Hoawrd - "Property and Fantasy in the American Backyard." Notes on Contributors.
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111 pages
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