Benefit Values of Small Neighborhood Projects: Manoa Stream Improvement Vieth, Gary R. Cox, Linda J. 2009-09-11T22:46:56Z 2009-09-11T22:46:56Z 1998-02
dc.description.abstract Obtaining broad-based support for government funding of neighborhood projects is often difficult, because residents of the nearby community receive most of the benefits. Therefore, such projects might not be undertaken even though the benefits from them are greater than the costs. Based on a survey of people in the neighborhood, the value of the Manoa Stream Improvement Project was estimated at between $50M and $150M. Respondents indicated that they were willing to donate an average of $4.80 per month to support the project.
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dc.identifier.citation Vieth GR, Cox LJ. 1998. Benefit values of small neighborhood projects: Manoa Stream improvement. Honolulu (HI): University of Hawaii. 2 p. (Economic Fact Sheet EFS-25).
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dc.publisher University of Hawaii
dc.relation.ispartofseries Economic Fact Sheet
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dc.subject social benefit
dc.title Benefit Values of Small Neighborhood Projects: Manoa Stream Improvement
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