Enhancing Cybersecurity Capability in Local Governments through Competency-Based Education

Pike, Ron
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Local government agencies face significant challenges related to cybersecurity. Advances in cybersecurity threats have been part of the difficulty, but government agencies, particularly communities, also face unique challenges given their broad mandates and challenges. This is particularly true in large metropolitan areas where activities cross many local and county jurisdictions yet require a coordinated and collaborative response. Local jurisdictions face differing cybersecurity challenges related to local issues such as criminal activity, population, and the mix of land use as well as external considerations such as ports, airports and international borders requiring enhanced coordination with state and federal authorities. Rapid ongoing changes in technology also provide a relentless pattern of change which must be managed. These widely differing challenges, along with resource constraints, lead neighboring communities to possess widely varying cybersecurity capabilities. This research project is an effort to speed the process of training and developing talent to meet these challenges.
Cybersecurity and Privacy in Government, cbe, cybersecurity, government
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