Putting Interoperability on Health-information-systems’ Implementation Agenda

Kobusinge, Grace
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The increasing demand of past patient medical information at the point of care, creates new data sharing and exchange demands on health information systems (HIS). However, a number of existing HIS have data exchange challenges given that they are ordinarily designed as vertical silos without interoperability obligations. Yet, to have data exchange within HIS and across health facilities, participating systems ought to be interoperable. However, interoperability is usually not considered a key design requirement during HIS implementations. Therefore, relying on exceptional existing practices to create benchmark design knowledge, the author employs a sense making perspective to analyze how HIS implementers arrive at their interoperability design requirements. Through this approach, an initial set of interoperability design prerequisites for purposively designing HIS’ interoperability is proposed. These include: knowing who, knowing what, knowing how and knowing which. A further study implication is the use of a sense-making perspective in exploring system design requirements.
IT Architectures and Implementations in Healthcare Environments, designing for interoperability, health information systems' implementations, interoperability design prerequisites
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