Botanical Inventory of Kipapa Trail, Oahu Forest National Wildlife Refuge

Reynolds, Lara
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University of Hawaii at Manoa
As with many oceanic islands throughout the world, the Hawaiian Islands have experienced loss of native habitat on a massive scale. However, effective conservation work in these localities is often impeded by a lack of baseline data on the natural resources that occur therein. The recently established O'ahu Forest National Wildlife Refuge (OFNWR) protects and manages 1,831 hectares of native wet forest plant communities. Baseline data were lacking with regard to the plant species that occur along and surrounding Kipapa Trail, the main footpath through the refuge. The purpose of this study was to establish a baseline inventory of trail-associated native and non-native vascular plants for an extensive section of Kipapa Trail, and to determine the status of rare and federally listed native plant species historically documented near the trail. The first chapter of this paper provides background about Hawai'i's native flora and the historical setting of OFNWR in terms of land ownership and use. The second chapter presents the objectives, methods, and results of this study, detailing the plant species and their locations relative to Kipapa Trail.
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