Distributions and Habitat Associations of Birds in Waikiki, Hawaii

Williams, Richard N.
Fleischer, Robert C.
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University of Hawaii Press
We conducted 57 transects along three routes in Waikiki from August through December 1986. Rock Doves, Zebra Doves, and House Sparrows, all alien species, accounted for approximately 80% of all birds observed. All three species were most common near the Honolulu Zoo and Fort DeRussy Beach Park. Distributions of all three species were significantly correlated with decreasing distance from the Honolulu Zoo, increasing human densities, and parklike habitats. Effects of distance, human density, and habitat characteristics were separated using multiple regression analysis. Rock Dove distributions were primarily affected by distance from the Honolulu Zoo, a major feeding and roosting site for Rock Doves. House Sparrow distributions were primarily affected by human densities, and secondarily by habitat characteristics. Zebra Dove distributions were primarily related to habitat characteristics.
Williams RN, Fleischer RC. 1989. Distributions and habitat associations of birds in Waikiki, Hawaii. Pac Sci 43(2): 152-160.
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