Assessing Big Data Analytics Capability and Sustainability in Supply Chains

Cetindamar, Dilek
Shdifat, Baraah
Erfani, Shadi
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Big data analytics capability (BDAC) is a technology-based capability, which can influence sustainability performance of firms in supply chains. By using BDAC strategically, supply chains could improve their responses to social, environmental, and social changes taking place in uncertain business environments. This paper presents a detailed literature review on the two ends of the equation: BDACs and sustainability in supply chains performance (SSCP). The theoretical perspective of the dynamic capabilities helps us to understand BDAC holistically, a combination of non-human and human capabilities. Then, we adapt the three-bottom-line approach: economic, environmental, and social performance in order to offer a comprehensive measurement of SSCP Based on the overview of the literature, the paper offers metrics to be used in assessing both BDAC and SSCP that can advance the understanding of the relationship between them.
Business Intelligence and Big Data for Innovative and Sustainable Development of Organizations, big data analytics capability, literature review, supply chain, sustainability
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