The Role of Distributed Energy Resources in Distribution System Restoration

Rhodes, Noah
Roald, Line
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With increasing levels of distributed energy resources (DERs) connected to the grid, it is important to understand the role that DERs can play in post-disaster restoration. In this paper, we propose a two-step optimization method to identify and implement an optimal restoration schedule under different DER operating scenarios. We investigate how the presence and geographical distribution of DERs change the optimal restoration order, and assess the impacts on customers with and without DERs. In our case study using the IEEE 123 single phase distribution system, we find that optimal restoration order changes significantly when DERs are concentrated in one part of the grid. We also observe that the presence of DERs generally reduces the energy not served across all customers and can help prioritize grid reconnection of customers without DERs.
Distributed, Renewable, and Mobile Resources, distributed energy resources, distribution grid, energy equity, power system restoration
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