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dc.date.issued 1990
dc.description.abstract Includes the following: "PGV to DLNR requesting approval of amendment to plan of operations" (01/18/89), "Amendment to plan to operation for PGV" (01/18/89), "Designation of PGV agent" (01/18/89), "State parks review of PGV amendment to plan of operations" (01/25/89), "County of Hawaii receipt of GRP application from PGV" (01/25/89), "DLNR acknowledging receipt of amendment to the plan of operations" (02/22/89), "Changes to PGV GRP application" (02/27/89), "OCEA review of PGV amendment to plan of operations" (02/27/89), "DLNR approval of amendment to plan of operations" (03/10/89), "GRP application amendment" (03/89), "Additional information on GRP application" (03/28/89), "Well modification permit request" (05/22/89), "DLNR comments on PGV GRP application" (06/05/89), "DLNR to PGV permit to modify Kapoho State Well 1-A" (06/16/89), "PGV application for UIC" (06/26/89), "ORMAT to DLNR application for permit to drill KS-3" (06/30/89), "DOH ATC (power plant)" (09/25/89), "DOH ATC (well field)" (09/25/89), "GRP approval with conditions" (10/03/89), "DOH request for DLNR review of UIC application" (11/30/89), "DLNR review of PGV UIC application" (01/09/90), "DOH hearing officer's report" (02/06/90), "DOH ATC permit approval with conditions" (02/06/90), "Hawaii County to DLNR re technical task force for monitoring" (02/22/90), "DOH UIC permit approval with conditions" (03/16/90), "DOH modification to ATC (plant)" (03/16/90), "DOH modification to ATC (well field)" (03/16/90), "DLNR to Hawaii County supporting monitoring program" (03/22/90), "DOH to PGV to modification to ATC permit" (04/18/90), "Memorandum Harry Kim to Duane Kanuha re Emergency Response Plan" (04/20/90), "DLNR historic sites to Duane Kanuha re GRP archaeology report" (04/24/90), "DOH to PGV approving notification of proposed site to first well" (05/17/90), "DOH to Harry Kim review of emergency response plan" (06/07/90), "DOH to U.S. DOD review of emergency response plan" (06/08/90), "PGV to DLNR to submit current plans for PGV project" (09/13/90), "PGV to DLNR to request extension for well no. 2883-07" (09/14/90), "PGV to DLNR to inform of approval of emergency response plan" (09/14/90), "PGV to DLNR to inform of KS-4 to start drilling 09/28/90" (09/14/90), "Kanuha to DLNR acknowledging receipt of $250,000" (09/27/90), "DLNR to Kanuha to clarifying wording re asset fund" (10/19/90), "DLNR to Kanua conveying check for $250,000 for asset fund" (10/21/90), "DLNR to PGV to acknowledge receipt of plans" (10/25/90), "Kanuha to DLNR correcting wording on asset fund" (11/01/90), "DLNR to Luebben re EIS not being required" (11/02/90), "DLNR to PGV re extension for well" (11/07/90), "PGV to DLNR re clarifications" (11/17/90), "PGV to DLNR re proposed changes to plan of operations" (11/07/90), "DLNR to PGV approving plan of operations changes" (12/04/90).
dc.format.extent 370 pages
dc.identifier.citation 1990. ORMAT general file. (HI): State of Hawaii, County of Hawaii, and ORMAT.
dc.identifier.uri http://hdl.handle.net/10524/33569
dc.language.iso en-US
dc.publisher State of Hawaii (Department of Land and Natural Resources and Department of Health)
dc.publisher Puna Geothermal Venture
dc.publisher Hawaii County
dc.publisher ORMAT
dc.subject regulatory
dc.subject reporting
dc.subject geothermal development
dc.subject exploration
dc.subject Ormat
dc.subject Puna
dc.subject Hawaii
dc.title ORMAT general file
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