Prisons—Has COVID-19 Offered Hawaiʻi the Road to Redemption? Brady, Kat 2020-11-05T17:57:51Z 2020-11-05T17:57:51Z 2020
dc.description Abolition is about moving beyond prisons as a way of addressing social challenges. It’s about working for a better world that is built upon the needs of all the people: structuring an economy that funds the communities most impacted by incarceration, overcriminalization, poor health, unemployment, underfunded schools, and other social needs to lift up the quality of life for all.
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dc.subject abolition
dc.subject prisons
dc.subject oppression
dc.subject racism
dc.subject economy
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dc.subject.lcsh HISTORY / Oceania
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dc.title Prisons—Has COVID-19 Offered Hawaiʻi the Road to Redemption?
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